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    Tássia Bianchini

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    Another Day Another Dock, Matt Szymkow

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    Tanya Dziahileva

    Backstage at Anne Valerie Hash Fall 2010

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    In his personal sculpture garden, Australian artist Bruno Torfs crafts wooden figures that live in the forest. Embracing fantasy, his life-sized works feature delightfully unusual characters. 

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    This is my new baby, Mochi! I just picked her up today. She’s two months old and sweet as heck. 

    i cannot believe this

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    shoreline | stephanie hall by ilaria orsini for tank, spring 14

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    Tanya at Yohji Yamamoto S/S 2009.

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    Living Rainbow: Rainbow Eucalyptus, Most Beautiful Tree Bark on Earth

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  10. margiela spring/summer 2014 haute couture

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    Simon sniffing some chronsss

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