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    The Evolution of the Death Penalty in the U.S

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    but it’s not about race right?

    what the absolute sick fucking shit is this

    how in the world could any of these “cops” (they don’t even deserve to be titled that) do these things..especially to that little boy and pregnant woman…those ones really got to me. they all did, don’t get me wrong…but shit..that made me stomach twist and turn.

    I think a lot of police officers (the good ones) don’t get enough credit and are being slandered because of the ones that DO abuse their power. It’s sad, because some of them are out there to actually Protect & Serve, risking their lives, while others take it like it’s some sort of joke…and still have the balls to call themselves Officers of the Law.

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    Its only a gram but this is the most purple bud ive ever gotten

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    hash browns will be served at my wedding

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    Puff puff pass

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    Hash bowls out of the mini tube

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